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Research shows quite a number of entrepreneurs; even the very successful ones with big names have their bout of severe entrepreneurial challenges and despair. Many successful entrepreneurs struggled through moments of near-debilitating anxiety and despair--times when it seemed everything might crumble. 

But very few admit or even mention about it. It’s the private nightmare they endure.

This entrepreneurial nightmare, in its dreadful state appears to come from nowhere and drags them like a crocodile into the deep waters. The grip gets tighter and pulls you deeper suffocating you and sucking the life force out of you. It could be the most frightening experience one ever had. 

It could be triggered by an adverse situation both internal and external, crisis or mismanagement, can also sometimes come from nowhere as part of emotional syndromes. It also differs from that of any individual who has faced a setback because the depth is greater--the very self seems about to disappear--and because entrepreneurs feel compelled to keep it to themselves like a deep, dark secret. It could be their inborn character traits that make them more vulnerable to strong emotional states. 

It is extremely sad when it strikes any entrepreneur, pushing him to towards emotional stress, despair or trauma. It shakes up the entire entrepreneurial community; to more importantly ignite a discussion about entrepreneurship and mental health.

It would do good if one could speak out about their internal struggles rather than be keeping it under wrap fearing  the stigma of depression or anxiety which makes it hard for one to seek help.

Building up the emotional resilience through insights of Business Psychology would help build the combat mechanism. Building on the psychological preparedness for crisis management .One should start focusing on what is under one’s control and then moving to the next step of action plan could be one of the steps to start along with. Don’t allow yourself to crumble under someone else’s pressure, Taking  a pause at times is beneficial and seek support to help get a fresh perspective Put all the emotional energy into the actions that one can take. It is not easy. But try to do it anyway because it is what will be a savior.

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